R in Production – Opening Talk by Yasmin Lucero – LA R meetup @ useR! 2014

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During useR! 2014, the LA R Meetup (run by Szilard Pafka) organized an event focused on R’s status in industry. This event took the form of a presentation by Yasmin Lucero, Senior Statistician at AOL-Gravity, followed by a panel discussion. The video above captures the presentation, where Yasmin provides an excellent overview of the current status of R in the enterprise and breaks down the taxonomy of solutions for which R is commonly chosen as a development platform. From batch reporting and dashboards for internal deployment to full blown public facing analytics data products, R has certainly found a home in business. Yasmin’s talk concludes with specific, operational aspects of managing R in the enterprise, such as library and dependency management. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to tune in for Part 2 of this session where the panel discussed “R’s Place in the Production Environment.”

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