Interactive Visualizations from R using rCharts

At useR! 2014 Ramnath Vaidyanathan gave a tutorial and a presentation on one of his current project, rCharts. This R package allows you to create, customize and share interactive visualizations straight from R. rCharts leverages several existing javascript visualization libraries such as polychart, MorrisJS, NVD3, xCharts, HighCharts, leaflet, and Rickshaw, providing R users a fantastic array of new features and visualization styles.

rCharts also provides a convenient method to share these charts, either in standalone mode, by using a Shiny application, or even in a blog post using knitR! Continuing with the theme of the conference of R as an interface, Ramnath has succeeded in creating a powerful system to smoothly move between the familiar lattice plotting interface and the best available visualization libraries.

In this talk, Ramnath provides a high level overview of rCharts, as well as providing a deep dive into the kinds of visualizations possible with this tool – including the interactive visualizations now at your fingertips. From barcharts to mapping, from static to interactive, Ramnath covers many common use cases with this package, and we encourage you to follow along with the video below using his provided slides from the original talk. Enjoy!

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