ASA DataFest 2015 at UCLA

What is DataFest?

DataFest is a team competition, where a team of up to 5 undergraduate students has less than 48 hours to provide the best insight gleaned from a large, complex data set — and communicate that insight to an audience of their peers and the DataFest judges. DataFest 2015 will be April 24th through the 26th, beginning at 6pm on Friday the 24th.

Who Can Compete?

Any undergraduate at UCLA, or other local undergraduates from colleges or universities with agreements with UCLA Statistics. Note that all members of the team must be undergraduates and teams can have no more than 5 people. To sign up, visit the official DataFest website.

Why Attend DataFest if You’re Not a Student?

I was fortunate enough to visit UCLA DataFest 2014 as an “industry visitor” and speak with students about their approaches and the data. The students are fantastically excited to have industry professionals to bounce ideas and approaches off of. It was not only suprisingly rewarding, but also quite enlightening to see the tools and technologies being used by the next generation of up-and-coming data scientists.

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