We are a team of volunteers dedicated to building a world-class data science community in Los Angeles for the benefit of all.


Szilard Pafka

Szilard is an expert data scientist and a leader of the Los Angeles data community. He brings extensive theoretical knowledge (PhD) along with more than 15 years of practical experience in advanced data analysis and developing analytical systems. He is currently the Chief Scientist at Epoch and the founder/organizer/co-organizer of several popular data science meetups in LA (RDataVisData Science/Machine LearningBig Data). Follow him on Twitter @DataScienceLA. Update: Szilard moved from California to Texas in July 2021 and is no longer involved with any activities in LA or California.

Amelia McNamara


Amelia is a statistics PhD candidate at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Her research interests include statistical computing, data visualization, spatial statistics, and statistics education. She is currently working with teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District to bring “data science” into high school classrooms as part of the Mobilize project. You can follow her on Twitter @AmeliaMN, or read her personal blog.

Eduardo Arino de la Rubia

Eduardo is a lifelong technologist with a passion for data science who thrives on effectively communicating data-driven insights throughout an organization. He is a graduate of the MTSU Computer Science department, General Assembly’s Data Science program, and is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins Coursera Data Science specialization. Follow him on Twitter @earino.

Leigh Arino de la Rubia

Leigh photo closeup 150x150

Leigh is an interdisciplinary writer, project manager, and coach who combines an eye for detail with a sense of humor. A former science education researcher, roller derby coach and private investigator, Leigh enjoys working collaboratively to help people accomplish more than they think is possible. Follow her on Twitter @leighadlr or check out to find out what’s been inspiring her lately.


Jeff Weakley


Jeff is an Emmy-winning Copywriter/ Creative Director with over 25 years experience working with Ad Agencies in Los Angeles.  He’s a graduate of UCLA Cinematography extension and the owner of an ever-growing studio of lights, cameras, and sound equipment. Producer/ Editor/ VFX, Jeff also works in R, Python and SQL and aspires to bring more data science into the advertising creative arena through his endeavors such as and

Timothy Phan


Tim is a data enthusiast with a passion for public policy. He previously studied Political Science and Development Economics at UC Santa Barbara and the Monterey Institute, and recently worked at the Center for Global Development in Washington DC. His interests include data visualization, new media, and R. Follow his Twitter at @timothy_phan, or see what he’s been into lately at his personal site.

Subash D’Souza


Subash is a leader of the Big Data community in Los Angeles. He speaks regularly at conferences, has been recognized by Cloudera as a Champion of Big Data, and envisions himself as a Big Data Evangelist. He is the founder of Big Data Camp LA, a free community conference, and he runs the LA Big Data, LA HBase, and LA Apache Spark meetups. He is currently the Principal Hadoop Architect at Follow him on Twitter @sawjd22.

Carl Mullins

Carl Mullins

Carl Mullins is a long time Research Engineer with his first job at the Hughes Space and Communications Group and the Hughes Space Systems Division and TRW Space Division working on the Defense Support Program (DSP). He has now returned back to school and apply himself to Astronautical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Physics. He is presently at the University of Southern California pursuing a Masters degree in Data Informatics and he is also volunteering his time to the LA Data Science community.

Gergely Daróczi

Carl Mullins

Gergely is a passionate R developer with around 10 years of experience using R in finance, social and medical sciences; PhD candidate in Sociology; technical founder of an R-based reporting web application at and the Hungarian R meetup; main organizer of the first satRday conference; currently the Director of Analytics at mixing R with AWS services for a scalable data infrastructure. Follow him on Twitter and GitHub.