R Meetup with Hadley Wickham

R Meetup with Hadley Wickham

Update: Video of the 2nd half of the talk is here (1st half was not recorded, sorry):

In our next meetup, we’ll have Hadley (I think no introduction needed).

Packages made easy
by Hadley Wickham

In this talk I’ll show you how easy it to make an R package by live coding one in front of you! You’ll learn about three useful packages:
* usethis: automating the setup of key package components
* devtools: for automating many parts of the package development workflow
* testthat: to write unit tests that make you confident your code is correct


– 6:30pm arrival, drinks and networking
– 7:00pm talk

You must have a confirmed RSVP and please arrive by 6:55pm the latest. Please RSVP here on Eventbrite.

Venue: Edmunds, 2401 Colorado Avenue (this is Edmunds’ NEW LOCATION, don’t go to the old one)
Park underneath the building (Colorado Center), Edmunds will validate.

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