Photos from our LA User Groups First Annual Holiday Party

Photos from our LA User Groups First Annual Holiday Party

It was a whole bunch of intense fun photographing so many of you at our Los Angeles User Groups Holiday Party last week! (Only junkies and programmers would think “User” is a good name for a holiday party.) But we do throw a helluva party, and nearly 80 of you were photographed for head shots. You guys are awesome, and we all really enjoyed it!

Below are two links to your fabulous photos on Flickr, for those who were photographed for head shots. So you don’t have to look through so many of other people’s pics to find yours, I’ve implemented a ‘Binary Search Algorithm’, you know – cut ‘em in half. If you were shot more towards the beginning of the party, you’re probably in Part 1, and if you were later in the evening, most likely your photos are in Part 2.

There something uniquely intimate about photographing someone. Even though we barely talked I feel like I got to know many of you in a way that words often get in the way of. I really enjoyed setting up a mini-set like I did, it was a fun experiment for me – and it was nice to have so many attractive and interesting models to photograph!

I’m very proud of what we did together… but as great as you all are, the photos aren’t yet perfect. If you have a friend who knows Photoshop, let them know that a little cropping and color correction could help some of the photos become a little more awesome. (To download a photo from Flickr, click on the photo you like and it will open in its own window. You’ll see an icon for “downloading” in the right hand corner.)

Have a great holiday season!


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