Joe Cheng presents Shiny

The Shiny framework is a web application framework for the R programming language, designed by Joe Cheng, to help R programmers turn their analysis into interactive web applications. Fortunately, it does without requiring that the R programmer know HTML, CSS or JavaScript – greatly widening the possible audience of users. At the January DataScience.LA R Meetup, we were fortunate to have Joe Cheng, Software Engineer at RStudio and original architect of Shiny present an introduction to Shiny.

His presentation begins with a description of Shiny and why you should be excited about this tool. Joe quickly moves on to a number of great examples and some of the rationale behind the underlying “reactive” Shiny framework. Near the end of the talk, Joe even covers how to handle streaming real time updates with Shiny! This was a great talk, and whether you are just getting started in Shiny or have built a number of great apps already in production, there’s almost certainly something in this video for everyone. If you’re not into videos, check out the slides below:

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