Data Science/Statistics/R @Google

Data Science/Statistics/R @Google

This meetup will be hosted by Google and we’ll have Peter Lipman and Pete Meyer talk about the data science/statistics projects they have been working on at Google.

Human Evaluation Comparisons: Common Framework with Applications

We designed a study to determine whether being on device influenced a quality evaluator’s perception of ads quality. Here, we present a common framework, developed into an internal R package, that was used to analyze the study.

Bio: Peter Lipman received his Ph.D in Biostatistics from Harvard University in 2011. He joined Google in 2013 after working in the pharmaceutical industry as a clinical trial statistician in early-stage oncology research. Peter works in the LAX office on the Ads Human Evaluation team, helping internal clients measure the quality of ads in the Google network using human computation.

Tracking Changes in Evaluators’ Weekly Work Schedules

The quality evaluators who provide ads quality evaluations determine their own schedules, with the downside that they may sometimes login and find no work available. We investigated using messaging to help them adjust their schedules to ensure work was available. We describe using circular earthmover distributions for identifying and measuring changes in weekly work schedules along with some negative binomial models for comparing the number of ratings done by groups of raters during specific blocks of time.

Bio: Pete Meyer received his Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Chicago in 1993. He joined Google after 14 years as a biostatistician in the Dept. of Preventive Medicine at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. He has worked on a variety of Google ads quality teams over the last 7 years and is currently on the Ads Human Evaluation team in the Google L.A. office.

Date: March 10, 2015 (Tuesday)

– 6:15pm food/bev & networking
– 7:00pm talks starts promptly

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Venue: Google, 340 Main Street, Venice, CA 90291

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