Announcing the New Python Data Science LA Meetup Group

Announcing the New Python Data Science LA Meetup Group

I am excited to announce that we are starting a new meetup group – Python Data Science LA – to serve the needs of the LA data science community using Python!

At an earlier Data Science/Machine Learning meetup we conducted an informal survey on tools for Data Science which showed that a large majority of data scientists use R or Python, with R taking a slight lead. (I know, those attending the meetups bias the results towards open source tools.)

Los Angeles has already a well established R meetup, which was in fact the first Data Science meetup in LA (and founded/run by yours truly since 2009). For the Python community, there are a few meetup options in LA (with Socal Python the most popular), however their focus lies with general software topics rather than data science, while in some other cities, there are already separate “Python Data Science” meetups. Since the aim of DataScience.LA is to serve the entire Los Angeles Data Science community, we are pleased to launch a Python Data Science meetup in LA!

We are planning the first Python Data Science LA event in November with 4-5 short talks about the Python Data Science ecosystem (e.g. NumPy, SciPy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, NetworkX etc.). If you’d like to speak at this meetup, please contact us and don’t forget to provide a topic, considering that we’re looking for 4-5 speakers.

We are also looking for a venue to host the Python Data Science LA meetups, keeping in mind that the ideal host will be a company using Python (and preferably for data analysis), is able to host us for free, plans to provide food and drinks, and can host at least 50, or preferably 100 people. Please contact us if your company is interested in hosting a meetup.

Finally, if you’re interested in attending the meetups, please sign up for the Python Data Science LA meetup. You can also sign up for our premium mailing list that will provide priority RSVPs for our meetups and makes you eligible for our raffles, and much, much more.

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