Announcing Partnership with LA Big Data Community

Announcing Partnership with LA Big Data Community

Today I am happy to announce that we are expanding our partnership on several fronts with my friend Subash D’Souza, a leader of the Big Data community in LA.

During the past few years I have been organizing several data science meetups in Los Angeles (LA R, DataVis LA, Data Science/Machine Learning) and Subash has provided the same kind of leadership on the big data front (LA Hadoop, HBase, LA Big Data). While I think of big data as primarily technology and of data science as a blend of statistics and technology (and not only for large data sets), there is clearly a significant overlap between these two fields. Considering this overlap, we have already been collaborating for some time regarding these various meetups, e.g. organizing joint events or speaking at one another’s meetups.

At the Big Data Camp LA (which Subash orchestrated this past June), I also had the pleasure to be involved with running the Data Science Track (selecting the speakers and moderating the sessions). This was a free event which lasted all day and if you missed it, you can find the slides from the Data Science Track talks here (there were 2 other tracks, Hadoop and NoSQL).

So, today we are pleased to announce that Subash is joining the DataScience.LA Team and will contribute to DataScience.LA in various ways on a variety of Big Data topics.

We are also announcing that two of the Big Data Meetups organized by Subash that have significant common ground with data science (the LA Big Data and LA Spark user groups) will be considered our partner meetups. For example, we’re looking forward to advertising their events and vice versa.

Finally, DataScience.LA is looking forward to getting involved with the Data Science Track for the Big Data Camp LA next year.

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