Announcing First LA Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Analytics Meetup!

Announcing First LA Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Analytics Meetup!

We are pleased to announce the first meetup of the LA Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Analytics meetup group! On February 9th, we have 4 speakers scheduled to give an engaging overview along with a few of their insights into the field.

Despite the hype of data science and big data, a majority of the business value produced by data still happens in the more traditional setting of business intelligence and analytics. On the other hand, DW/BI/Analytics tools are getting more fancy: columnar/MPP databases, modern HTML5 web-based BI/visualization software, and machine learning GUI products wrapping the newest algorithms like deep learning. There is a lot of neat stuff to explore and we’re excited to get started on February 9th!

You can RSVP here for this Meetup on Eventbrite (but you’ll want to keep on reading the info below).

We’d like to thank Edmunds for hosting this upcoming meetup and providing pizza & beverages. (Edmunds is a fantastic venue, as you’ll see!)

At the meetup we’ll raffle one free 2-day pass to the upcoming Strata + Hadoop World conference (February 18-20) – a $1800 value! (In case you are wondering if it’s a good conference, Szilard and Eduardo are attending again this year.)

To participate in the raffle, all you need is to drop your business card into the designated bowl during the meetup’s networking hour and we’ll raffle off the pass at around 7:00pm. (Disclosure: you consent that a copy of your card might be sent to O’Reilly)

Also, if you don’t win the raffle and are planning to go to Strata, you’re welcome to use our UGLA20 code to get a 20% discount!

Finally and most importantly, please sign up for the meetup group here and also RSVP to the first meetup on Eventbrite here.


1. Szilard Pafka: Intro, motivation, goals for this meetup group

I will talk about why we have started a new meetup group and the various topics we’d like to cover in the next meetings. At the advent (and admittedly hype) of data science and big data, the traditional field of DW/BI/Analytics is experiencing an accelerated modernization. It’s these modern tools like MPP databases, html5 web-based BI solutions, powerful GUIs for predictive modeling etc. that we’d like to focus at our meetups.

Bio: Szilard has been working passionately with data for the past 20 years first in computational physics, then in finance and finally in the last decade as a data scientist. He is currently the Chief Scientist at Epoch and the founder/organizer of several popular data science meetups in LA (R, DataVis, Data Science/Machine Learning, Python Data Science and most recently DW/BI/Analytics).

2. Eduardo Arino de la Rubia: All Big Data Stories are not Hadoop Stories

In this talk, I will discuss a project at my employer where we attempted to find the big data strategy that worked for our reasonably big, but very slow moving data. We will discuss the pitfalls of various solutions, and finish with our findings and go forward strategy. In a world dominated by marketing hype, this talk cuts right through it all and focuses on the outcomes.

Bio: I am a computer programmer and technologist with over 30 years experience, working in many different fields ranging from expert systems for compliance to manufacturing robotics. I am a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and live with my wife, son, and 3 dogs in lovely Santa Monica.

3. Adam Husein: RDBMS Usage from the Data Scientist’s Perspective

As a prolific user of databases with extensive experience across various database technologies, Adam will speak about how analysts and data scientists utilize data and the databases that store them.

Bio: Over the last 7 years, Adam has worked with or on over a half dozen database technologies across various companies in order to set up & deploy databases, create new data models, and provide analytics to internal customers.

4. Eric Klusman: Overview of the Business Intelligence Landscape

This presentation will discuss the major platforms for business intelligence and analytics, including the roles played by open source software. Major vendors will be introduced and contrasted.

Bio: Eric Klusman is a data scientist with Kabam’s Los Angeles game studio. He has held a variety of positions in data engineering and data science with Los Angeles Internet companies and Wall Street securities firms.


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    Missed this great meet up. Was this recorded by any chance.

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